Music Video

Desy Edhar - Distraction

Published On Feb 13, 2019

Audio direkam oleh Arie Wardhana di Backstage Studio, Samarinda.
Video direkam dan diedit oleh Mademun di Three AM Studio, Samarinda.

I’m going backwards
All the scenes play in my head
My blurry mind
Can't remember to forget

And I see you were there
Walking in the rain
You dancing on your own
And now i’m dancing all alone
Try to ignore all the storms

There is party in my mind
And you are not invited
But why you still come
Just to distract the part

Here I am
In the same lonely road you walk
I’m lost and can't be found
Like a nomad, trying to find a home

In the night i’m walking
I’m going looking for your soul
I’m dancing with the pain
Walking in the rain
To coming home
Lonely until the night come

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