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Endah N Rhesa - Long-Lost Friend (official music video)

Published On Oct 29, 2017


This is an official ‘Long-Lost Friend’ music video. The song is based on Endah N Rhesa INDIE RIDE tour. A bicycle tour 7 cities in Middle Java and East Java, Indonesia. They made the song when they arrived in the last city, Surabaya (East Java). They got many experiences about friendship, team-work, life purpose, achievement. And also some moving moment when they visited Sidoarjo's mud, unnatural disaster mud flow effect that that has been in eruption since May 2006.

You can watch the tour documenter in this channel from 1 to 6 episodes. You can also buy or stream the song through digital music stores.


Producer : Endah N Rhesa
Director : Nala Satmowi & Rhesa Aditya
Director of Photography : Nala Satmowi
Editor : Rhesa Aditya
Line Producer : Tysa Sasono & Rendi Raditya
Finance : Astri Puspita Sari
Set builder : Wahyu Irawan, Shandy Ernawan, Yehezkiel Nurhadi
Lighting : Rian Acong (
Supporting team : Randy Partawijaya, earcrew earhouse
Location : Earspace at Earhouse 2nd Floor by Endah N Rhesa at Pasar Kita, Pamulang, Tangerang Selatan.

Copyrighted : Reiproject 2017
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